French Permanent Nail Extension

Step by Step application of French Permanent Nail Extension

Products used for doing French Nail Extension or better know as French permanent.

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1. Ultra Violet Lamp
2. French Soft White Gel
3. Royal Pink Gel
4. Shining Gel
5. Primer
6. Tips Classic
7. Tip Glue
8. Emery Files 240/240, 100/180 (Straight and Banana)
9. Block 3-Way
10. Non-Acetone
11. Eurocleaner
12. Antiseptic
13. Tip Cutter
14. Manicure Stick
15. Gel Brush No.6


1. Clean nails with Antiseptic. File the free edge of natural nail. Push back the cuticles and remove shine from nails. Clean all the dust and dehydrate nail plate with Eurocleaner.

2. Choose the correct size of Classic Tip. Apply Tip Glue on tips accurately and then fix them on to the natural nail.

3. Cut Tips to the desired length with the Tip Cutter.

4. Shape the free edge and blend the tips into the natural nail. (Pic 1)

Filing of tips and shape

Pic 1 : Filing of tips and shape

Thus, there are a lot of variants and ideas that can be useful for a bridal nail art. Everything depends on your taste, fantasy and also the professionalism of a technician. Before selecting the style of a bridal nail art, it is important to choose other accessories for the wedding dress.. Only afterwards can you ask a nail technician and select the bridal nail art, which must be compatible with the overall appearance and image.

5. Apply Eurocleaner.

6. Use French Soft White Gel to make permanent French line on the nails taking extra care of making line of smile accurately. (Pic 2)

French Gel Application

Pic 2 : French Gel Application

7. Cure under UV light for 3 minutes. (Pic 3)

UV Lamp after French Application

Pic 3 : UV Lamp after French Application

8. To make the French more brighter, apply one more layer of French Soft White Gel and once again cure under uv light.(Pic 4)

2nd Coat of French Gel

Pic 4 : 2nd Coat of French Gel

9. Clean the tacky layer with Eurocleaner.

10. Buff the white French line with the Banana Emery file 100/180 to smoothen the line.(Pic 5)

Buffing of French Gel

Pic 5 : Buffing of French Gel

11. Apply Eurocleaner.

12. Primer application is done on the natural nail only. (Pic 6)

Primer Application

Pic 6 : Primer Application

13. Now apply thin layer of Royal Pink Gel as a base coat and cure under UV Light.

14. Once again apply Royal Pink Gel as the builder coat. This layer is applied thick enough taking in consideration C-curve and cure under uv light. (Pic 7)

Royal Pink Gel

Pic 7 : Royal Pink Gel

15. Once again apply Eurocleaner and then gently file the entire nail surface to a smooth finish making an ideal C-curve to give a natural french look. (Pic 8)

Filing after Royal Pink Gel

Pic 8 : Filing after Royal Pink Gel

16. Apply Shining Gel as the final coat. (Pic 9)

Shining Gel

Pic 9 : Shining Gel

Cure once again for 3 mins.

Clean the tacky surface with Eurocleaner for high gloss shine.

Final Look --- (Pic 10)

Final Look French Permanent

Pic 10 : Final Look French Permanent

All this application work should be tried by professional trained nail technicians only.

French Permanent work done by Ms. Natalia Raina, Director and Educator, RANARA NAILS  Institute of Nail Art, India

Natalia Raina
Has been a Nail Technology Educator in professional area of nail industry since 1997. Beginning her career as the International Education Instructor for a nail product manufacturer, Madelon(Germany), she trained company educators and nail technicians from all our Europe. Her nail art work and method of professional education has been acclaimed and shown in magazines – Nailpro and Nail Service in Europe. At present she is Director and Educator, Ranara Nails  Institute of Nail Art, India and consultant to Madelon.

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