French Nail Extension

Step by Step application of French Nail Extension

Products used for doing French permanent.

Replica Watches

1. Ultra Violet Lamp 36W with Timer
2. Royal Pink Gel
3. Super Gloss UV Top Coat
4. Primer
5. Tips French White
6. Tip Glue
7. Emery Files 240/240, 100/180 (Straight and Banana) and Half Moon 100/180
8. Block 3-Way Orange 100/100/180
9. Non-Acetone
10. Eurocleaner
11. Antiseptic
12. Tip Cutter
13. Manicure Stick
14. Gel Brush


1. Clean nails with Antiseptic. File the free edge of natural nail using RANARA St. File 240/240. Apply RANARA Cuticle Remover and push back the cuticles. (Pic 1)

Pic 1

Pic 1

2. Choose the correct size of French White Tip. Apply Tip Glue on tips accurately and then fix them on to the natural nail.(Pic 2)

French White Tip application

Pic 2 : French White Tip application

3. Cut Tips to the desired length with the Tip Cutter. (Pic 3)

Tip Cutter

Pic 3 : Tip Cutter

4. Shape and buff the French White Tip with RAANRA Straight file 100/240 and Banana File 100/100 (Pic 4)

Tip Filing

Pic 4 : Tip Filing

5. Now apply thin layer of RAANRA Royal Pink Gel as a base coat and cure under 36W UV Light for 120 secs.

6. Once again apply RAANRA Royal Pink Gel as the builder coat. This layer is applied thick enough taking in consideration C-curve application (Pic 5)

Royal Pink Gel

Pic 5 : Royal Pink Gel

7. Gently file the nails with RAANRA Half Moon 100/180 to give the perfect natural look. (Pic 6)

Gel Filing

Pic 6 : Gel Filing

8. Apply Super Gloss UV Top Coat to give the high gloss shine and place the nails in the UV Lamp for 90 secs. (Pic 7)

UV Lamp

Pic 7 : UV Lamp

9. The Final Look of French Permanent.

French Permanent

Pic Final : Final French Permanent

All this application work should be tried by professional trained nail technicians only.

French Permanent work done by RANARA NAILS  Institute of Nail Art, India

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