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About Us

RANARA NAILS introduces itself as the first company in India which has started professional intensive courses in Nail Extension/Nail Art and distribution of the Nail products. We have with us more than 12 years of experience in nail industry. Already worked as a Nail Educator in Russia and having first hand professional experience, our expert will give you all her experience and individual attention. We will help you know the best and latest technology in nail industry and give you all information of the new products in the market.

RANARA NAILS started its operation in India in 2003 and had its Nail Academy started in 2005. We are not a salon but professionals concerned more about the quality workers in nail industry.

We follow the latest nail technology and maintain the highest norms in education and services. All our products are lab tested and have been provided MSDS certificates from labs in Germany and USA.

We have with us more than 200 salons in India who are successfully working on RANARA products and are certified Nail Technicians. Our state of art training facility and custom made professional Nail courses which are conducted on individual basis and on International standards by Natalia Raina are the best what Nail industry can offers to the technicians.

Natalia Raina, Director and Educator, Ranara Nails Institute of Nail Art has been a Nail Technology Educator in professional area of nail industry since 1997. Beginning her career as the International Instructor for a nail product manufacturer, she trained company educators and nail technicians. Her Nail Art work and method of professional education has been acclaimed and shown in magazines – Nailpro and Nail Service in Europe.

Get the first hand knowledge from his experience.


To provide the salon and nail studio professionals with everything they need – products, services, education and support for the highest-quality Nail services.

To provide the students with a comprehensive training program to prepare them for exciting career as a Nail Technician.

RANARA NAILS pursues this with an unwavering commitment to excellence. We continue to support the Nail professional with training, answers and inspiration—in the classroom or through website.

Our formulas allow professionals to consistently create nails that are unique and expressive. So join us and feel the experience in the world of Nail Art.